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    Then, they were at SGC.
    Gen. Hammond was standing on the ramp, calling for medics as soon as he saw the wrapped body Teal'c was carrying.
    Teal'c refused to allow anyone near her body as he moved past and toward the infirmary.
    She heard Daniel choke out that she was dead and the General order everyone to the infirmary, not even mentioning a debriefing.
    He really is a good man.
    Janet and a multitude of medical personnell forcibly removed her corpse from Teal'c's iron grip.
    That's when it hit her just how much her death had affected him.
    She moved so she could look into his face...infinitely a preferable sight to the horror-filled expression on Janet's face as she unwrapped the shirt.
    His jaw was trembling a bit and his eyes were filled with anger, guilt, and pain.
    Sam sighed, her wishes to be able to help repeating themself in her heart as she turned and saw Daniel's wide eyes watch Janet examine the body on the table.
    Then the Colonel walked in, the bag with her head inside hanging from his fingers.
    Everyone froze in shock and then entered medical-mode.
    Concentrating on following and anticipating the doctors' orders so they wouldn't have to think about who it was that was dead.
    Sam watched as the Colonel explained in a monotone to the general what had happened as Janet tended to his shoulder, attendants scurrying around to get everything she needed so she wouldn't miss anything of the explanation.
    He choked, though, when he got to the part where the animal had ripped her head away and Daniel had shakily finished the explanation.
    Part of Sam was really glad for each proof of how well she was respected and loved, but she would have done anything to remove the haunted pain on her friends' faces.
    As each different person moved near her, she felt a tingle and as they moved away it left.
    Curious as possibilities presented themselves, when Daniel moved near her, she walked toward him and was immediately dragged into him.
    Gulping against what she saw of his insides as her head entered his chest, something she had thankfully not done when she had been pulled into Teal'c ealier, she carefully pulled herself out of him in the direction he was walking so the force wouldn't drag her around.
    Well, now she knew.
    She could move between her teammates when they moved close enough to her.
    Part of her relaxed.
    She still wasn't thrilled with the situation, but at least she wouldn't be stuck with her body or one person.
    Later, when she was sure she could get back to her teammates, she'd test out switching with other people.
    For now, she watched and listened with almost morbid fascination as Daniel stood, seemingly unable to move, watching the activity around the body on the table.
    Janet ended her conversation with her superios officers and started motioning people out.
    Sam knew it was best since Daniel looked like he'd be ill again at any time so she was grateful on his behalf when he was forced to leave.
    Well, at least now she'd get a chance to look in his diary.
    Questions filled her.
    Did the dead sleep?
    Was she really gaining a bit of control over physical objects or was the material of Teal'c jacket just a fluke?
    Daniel stopped at his office door and she walked right behind him, automatically wincing as he closed the door behind him.
    She paused for a second to explore the sensation of wood around her.
    Then the force started to tug so she quickly stepped forward and watched Daniel walk to a corner, slide down to the floor, and shake with silent sobs.
    She sat down next to him, running her hand through his hair.
    Only some of it moved, but at least that was a start.
    Realizing he wasn't going to be moving for awhile, she curled up with him and rested her head on his shoulder.
    She knew he couldn't hear her, but she talked to him anyways.
    Perhaps some of it would get through into his subconscious even if he didn't really know where it came from.
    Daniel stood up suddenly, moving right through Sam.
    She moved her head, but not in time to keep from getting personal with his intestinal track as he walked forward in jerky steps to the desk.
    She made a mental note to either get used to seeing people's insides, or learn ways to avoid it.
    It really was not a pleasant view.
    She watched inquisitively as Daniel pulled out a photo of the team, Janet, and Cassie at Disneyland.
    It had been a surprise birthday present for Cassie and the fun they had that day was obvious in the playful expressions as everyone had gathered together for the photo.
    Sam smiled at the memory and then froze as Daniel began speaking.
    Talking to her as if she was there.
    It was kinda creepy, actually.
    She knew what he was doing.
    She'd done it before, too, when she needed to work through her feelings for someone she'd loved who'd died.
    Saying everything you wish you'd had the guts to tell them in person or just voicing what you know they already knew.
    Cleaning out the wound so that it can eventually heal.
    Most of it she already knew.
    He'd loved her like a sister and a friend.
    Sam smiled as he forced his voice to steady...
    She wondered if the Colonel was doing the same thing.
    She was really worried about Teal'c.
    The door to Daniel's office slowly opened.
    Daniel didn't notice, but Sam did and she took a couple steps, careful to stay within the boundaries, to see who it was.
    The Colonel, she supposed she should call him Jack now since she wasn't exactly on duty anymore, walked up to Daniel and gently wiped away the tears flowing freely down the archaeologist's cheeks.
    "I know."
    That's all Jack said.
    He sat down on the ground, wincing a bit as his newly bandaged shoulder touched the wall.
    She was willing to bet he hadn't been officially discharged from the infirmary.
    Daniel slid from the chair to the floor beside him, no longer speaking.
    They just sat like that for awhile, sometimes starting to speak, but just comforting each other by being there.
    Sam looked up as the door opened again.
    Teal'c walked in and sat in the chair Daniel had vacated.
    "I can not meditate. I will stay here and keep watch with you."
    Jack looked up at him and smiled...a sad, small smile, but a genuine one.
    "It's okay, Teal'c. You're always welcome here. You know that."
    Teal'c relaxed a bit and a grief-filled silence covered the three men.
    Sam leaned against the desk beside Teal'c's feet, watching her friends.
    It was going to be a long night.

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