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Peri set down the phone, sighing lightly.

No doubt, Hammond would call back, but she would have at least a headstart on anything her father might put into motion to stop her.

She knew there was another way to get the information.

People didn't have to get hurt.

Of course, now that O'Neill was dead...Dr. Amber Corvores would be completely open to interrogation.

No, she had to get there first, get the information and find her mother.

Angela's dead, Tesaf's missing, and now O'Neill, the one with the answers is also dead...all as a direct result of these plans.

Secrecy for no good reason.

Peri gritted her teeth, suppressing Arlin further since he was having a panic attack at the thought of going against her father.

She could do this alone then and her whisper floated behind her as she left the White House as easily as she'd entered.

"Eloise, you are sorely missed right now. You would've understood."


* * * * * *


"I ordered you to stay put. How does trekking back to the Stargate count as staying put? Can anyone please enlighten..."

Syla bit her lip as the tirade continued, sitting on the ground in front of the Gate.

GoldenBird had accidentally thumped her and now she was stuck.

Gorowitz, already upset at having to hike to the Gate by himself after finding his two living officers had disobeyed orders, was most definitely unamused that his medical officer was fastened securely to the ground.

"...backside as firmly planted on the ground as the Gate and we're running out of replacement clothing, unless the two of you are just dying to streak the entire SGC! And Mason, it's rather difficult to get back to the base when you're sitting right smack in front of the unstable vortex so would you please explain to me..."

Greg looked at Syla for only a moment before dropping his eyes.

He'd laughed when the dragon had stumbled and she'd hit the grass, but then, when GoldenBird's tail had flopped in her lap and made it where she couldn't get up, well...that was just too funny...

Was funny, anyway...his CO didn't agree.

" now we're literally stuck on this planet and I do not appreciate this at all!"


Terry looked from one to the other, aware that his migraine and throbbing body were not helping his temper, not to mention the fact he had a dead teammember and a baby dragon in tow, but they shouldn't have gone without him.

What if he'd gotten picked up again?

What if they'd been picked up?

Now if they'd said that...that it looked like they were about to go for a ride, he wouldn't have said anything since that was a valid reason to leave the area while still under their own, directional, propulsion, but they hadn't said that.

Probably hadn't even occurred to them.

Syla was not going to pout.

Her boyfriend had teased her mercilessly about having a pouty expression until she'd finally begun pouting just to shut him up.

Took her two years to break that habit and not even a grumpy Major was gonna make her fall back into it, no matter how much her muscles were just aching to pout at him.

He'd probably shoot her.

"Sir, the longer I sit here, the thicker the substance becomes. Might rip more than just clothing if I don't get up now."

"Harris, get fatigues out for her to change into. We do still have clothes, right?"

The look on Greg's face as he peered into her pack was a cross between disgusted and downright scared.

"Sir, I think you should be the one to order her to wear these."

Terry rolled his eyes skyward, wishing for just a moment to harness the power of lightening.

Taking a deep breath, he looked into the pack and backed away immediately.

There was no way he was gonna tell Mason to put those on.

She'd probably move the planet since she couldn't move herself and dropkick him into space or something.

"Okay...plan B."

"Sir, what could be so wrong with it?"

"The dragon left many...many...many presents in the pack and so you get to choose between being eyeballed by everyone on base for flashing skin, or being nearly shot by a fainting soldier like happened to Col. O'Neill when SG-1 came back with that stuff all over them...that...reeked..."

Syla sighed; noting the two men had put distance between them and both the offending satchel and her.

"Hand me the pack and I'll decide for myself."

Greg looked at Gorowitz, really hoping this was one of those jobs that just couldn't be done right unless it was done by the CO, like testing out alien massage techniques...

Terry would've had to be blind not to see Harris' reluctance and took a great deal of inner satisfaction in the fact that Mason and Harris could be punished for their hike all at once.

Mason wearing stinky clothes and Harris sporting a new bruise courtesy of Mason.


"Harris. You heard the doctor. Hand her the clothes."

Pursing his lip and holding the pack out as far as possible now that the smell had begun to spread, Greg hurried over the few steps to Syla in time to see her turn green.

"Sir! You didn't say they filled the pack. You can't even see the clothes."

"So, dig 'em out and put 'em on."

"With all due respect, sir, no way."

Syla placed her hands on either side of her hips and pushed off, wincing as a little bit of skin here and there stayed behind with her clothing.

The front of her pants flapped around and she took a moment to wipe the soft gel off her hands before pulling off the front of the boots since they weren't helping anyway.


"Stand behind me, sir, and we'll be fine. Just indicate to Gen. Hammond that I'm clothed only cuz I'm holding these pants up and he'll let us go right on through."

Terry didn't say a word, simply motioning for Harris to dial the Gate.

He was not going to be laughing when he returned home to report the death of his second in command.

Gen. Hammond just didn't seem the type to appreciate the moment.

Averting his eyes, Terry stepped behind Mason, using his body to shield her as the Gate opened. least they were going home.




George stood at the base of the ramp, waiting for SG-13 to come through.

They were severely overdue and he'd heard nothing after sending the downed UAV through the Gate to locate Capt. Mason.

Finally, four figures emerged and Maj. Gorowitz causally waved for them to close the iris.

Make that five figures.

George's eyes were already wide, but when he realized Lt. Harris was carrying a small version of the large dragon standing behind Capt. Mason, he was speechless.

Terry looked at the General, assuming that him bringing a baby dragon home would illicit comment, but the older man's eyes were fixed on a point behind him...

Turning, Terry saw the view that had captivated his CO and smacked his own forehead.

Of course, GoldenBird had come through. they had two dragons in the SGC, a half-naked doctor, and a death to report.

Terry shook his head at the unfairness of it all.

SG-1 was probably in Florida by now, living it up.

He couldn't even blame their auras for the way this mission had gone.

SG-13 strikes again.


* * * * * *


A muffled scream caught Jack's attention away from all the fuss around him and he knelt on the ground next to Janet to see what was up with Carter.

"You okay down there?"

Again, the same sounds erupted, definitely angry and disgusted.

Any hesitation he might've had left vanished and Jack practically dove through the surface of the parking lot and deep enough that he was as far down as where he estimated Sam to be.


Still muffled, but definitely closer.

"Yeah, it's me. Where are you?"

"Don't stay here. Just go back up there and make Janet get up. She doesn't seem to be able to hear me."

"I noticed that. Of course, she's ignoring everyone so don't take it personally."

Her sigh made him smile a bit before he mentally pushed himself up and realized he couldn't move.

"Uh huh...problem."


"I'm stuck, too."

"Huh? How?"

"Don't know."

"What were you thinking when you came down here?"

"That you were in trouble."

"Sir, you can manipulate the...physical realm for lack of a better label. That means your mind is somehow able to exert control that I only began to experience in the smallest degree before I was pulled into Janet. I made some of Daniel's hair move and that was the extent of my control. You have to consciously move back up, or else, your need to be real will keep you down here with me."

 **What are you doing?**

 **Having tea with Carter about four feet underground. You?**

 **Trying to silently convey to Daniel that I only had a moment of weakness and that I don't need to be coddled.**

 "Sir, please...I'm starting to go insane. I can only take so much...darkness with crawly things...crawling through me..."

 "Yeah, going."

Jack concentrated on moving up, pushing Amber to the back of his mind to minimize further distractions.

He set his hands beneath him, as if in a handstand, and pictured a table under his hands.

To his surprise, a line of solidity formed and he pushed off, flying feet-first into a body and then into another one.

 **Jonathan? Where are you?**

 **Shh...I'm uh...not completely sure where I am. I've got a body, but it doesn't feel right.**


 **Who was that?**

 **You heard that too?**

 **Yes. Daniel's freaking a bit here.**


 **He said when you dove into the Federal Agent, a rather small, horrifyingly familiar snapping Goa'uld appeared in your place and is practically breathing fire, it's so mad.**

  **Are you saying that I booted a Goold?**

 **That's the going theory. This is actually a fantastic opportunity to study the interaction between a genuine host and symbiote, but you're going to have to do something since your host either isn't taking control or else feels like jerking all over the place. This Goa'uld's physiognomy is much closer to that of a small, pink Tok'ra than the longer, black Goa'uld.**

*Just how many Shifters are there? Peri said there was just the one family left, but if that's true, then who are you? Who's the woman and where's Peri?*

 *I don't know how to tell you this, but wait a sec...there's more of them? The, what did you call them?*

*Shifters. You're not a Shifter?*

*No, I'm a ghost that accidentally possessed your Goold-buddy instead of you. Wasn't trying to do either but I guess my concentration was enough that I booted...*

**Jonathan, we need you to at least try to get Janet up and see if Carter can get unstuck so that she can help with the retrieval of the Goa'uld...**

  **Shifter. I'm starting to understand what's up here...**

 **Wanna tell the rest of the class?**

 **Yeah, but not until we're in the cars so that we don't have civilians in the crossfire should we decide to kill anyone.**

 **Kill? You're joking...I heard that lilt in your voice.**

**Hey! I don't lilt...I don't!**

**No? Then how did I know you were joking?**

**Anywise...I do not lilt...**

 *I'm glad you two are understanding this. Now explain it to me.*

 *Whoa there, calm down...Arlin?*

*You know my name?*

*Yeah, connections are clicking in and I don't mind telling the both of you that I feel really sick right about now.*

 **What's it like?**

**Arlin,, is scared as anything so I've got this weird partition in my mind...that's not it...I feel his feelings but it's like they're slightly off a a layer or  transparency and I'm beginning to get a headache.**

*Who's the woman?*

 *That's Amber. She's my maid. Don't worry about her. Just put your socks in the laundry basket instead of on the floor and she won't kill us....*

 **Anyway, Daniel has Janet. Can you see Sam?**

**Uh...I can't see anything. It's all...oh wait...okay...I can...ick...ick! aughhh...get me out of here!**

 **What? What is it? What's wrong? Jonathan?**

**I'm in his head. Literally and it's all...smooshy and smells awful.**


Amber's laughter twinkled through Jack's mind and then he heard it with his host's ears as he tentatively relaxed and let his new body go on automatic for a moment.

*Maybe I should be in control...*

*Yeah, sure. Go for it. I'm kinda learning my way around here.*

**Amber, is there a way to get me out?**

 **Checking into it as we speak. So far, we're tossing out possibilities, but they all involve the Goa'uld...**

**Shifter, Amber. He calls it a...**

  **Yeah, I heard him. It looks an awful lot like a Tok'ra to Daniel.**

**He's not lying, though I can't seem to get more than general feelings and directed thoughts here. I thought hosts and symbiotes share memories?**

  *We do. I'm seeing your memories now...I had no idea.*

Jack freaked, his slight fear for the young man's mental state growing exponentially as he felt another connection click and now he looked out and into the worried eyes of another Fed...well, a real Fed...maybe...

 **Uh, guys...I think it's safe to say these aren't really Feds. Howsabout we commandeer a vehicle, let Hammond know, and get on out of here?**

 **Already have. Just having a conversation with your host.**

 **Man, that sounds weird. I can see, now, but still can't hear. I have to pull back for a minute, look at the stuff in here and figure out where to stick these things.**

 **The small tentacles with different types of protrusions...I wish you were a're in a position to give us so much information.**

**Yeah, well...I'm so grossed out you just do not know, so be glad I'm talking at all. Okay...I'm seeing different puncture points so, starting from the lowest one, I'll start poking and see if I find a hole for all of these...needle things...**

**Now that you're inside a Goa'uld's body, you could cause severe brain damage to your host if you do it wrong so count holes and tentacles first. Different tentacles may have different functions and you might short-circuit both him and you.**

**Nothing like a little pressure to get the testosterone flowing...uh...or whatever Goolds have...sticking now.**

 **We're blocking off everyone's view of you since you're flopping again. Whatever you're doing, it's affecting him a lot.**

**Lovely. Just a sec. One more hole, but two tentacles...oops.**


 **Just kidding. See, you can't always tell when I'm joking. No lilt. Anyway, I'm now connecte....oh wow...**

 **What is it?**

**Just shhh...let me look for a minute.**


* * * * * *

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