If it's listed on this page, then at least one person has said that the treatment, whatever it may be, cured or at least 90% relieved their FMS symptoms. The sources for the information are all listed as well.
Remember, just because it works for 1 or 100 other people doesn't mean it will work for you. Please use common sense and be careful. Every FMS sufferer is unique.


I personally am on the Guai Protocol and it's not easy, but I have faith that eventually, I will be pain-free. I know quite a few FMS sufferers that have used this therapy and are in "remission" (the most blessed of blessed words, in my opinion) and I know even more that are currently on the protocol. I'm on a Guai mailing list and I whole-heartedly endorse it.

This is excerpted from a paper by Dr. R Paul St Amand:

"Almost forty-years ago, a patient using a gout medication could chip tartar (calculus) off his teeth with his fingernail. this observation alerted us to a larger, systemic problem since the dental deposit is composed of calcium phosphate that crystallizes from saliva. We believe there is a genetically defective kidney enzyme, which causes phosphate retention to accumulate to critical levels within cells.

This interferes with energy formation, a substance called ATP, and to a malfunction in susceptible tissues. Excess phosphate induces calcium retention, and together they cause all of the manifestations of fibromyalgia. We describe the basis of this theory in another paper written primarily for physicians. Fibromyalgia would be more appropriately named Dysenergism to better describe the overwhelming fatigue and the metabolic disturbances throughout body tissues.

We have replaced our gout medications with guaifenesin, a medication that is totally safe, even for children. It is marketed to loosen mucus and has been used in some form for seventy years, over the past twenty in various cold and cough preparations. It is more potent for treating fibromyalgia than our previous drugs. Patients begin treatment with 300 milligrams (one-half tablet) twice a day for one week, an amount adequate for only 20 percent of individuals. If they feel distinctly worse, this is their correct dosage and they should stay at that amount. If there is no worsening of symptoms, we increase their dose to 600 mg. (a full tablet) twice daily. Reversal begins for 70 percent of patients at one of these two levels but 30 percent will need a higher dose. The worsening of symptoms or appearance of new ones is the signal that reversal has begun.

Better hours gradually appear, eventually cluster into days and finally weeks. Like a bouncing ball, the up-and-down symptoms gradually ease, and the patients' lumps and bumps soften, break up and clear. However, damaged structures from whatever cause cannot be reversed. Treatment clears fibromyalgia in less time than it took to develop. Every two months at the proper dose should reverse at least one year of accumulated debris. The longer the duration of the illness, the more time will be needed for total clearing.

Aspirin and other salicylates completely block the benefits of all the medications we have used, including guaifenesin. Patients and physicians who do not heed this warning will assume treatment failure. There are many sources of salicylates (salicylic acid), and all may totally interfere with guaifenesin at the kidney level. Plants manufacture salicylates in various quantities and store them in their barks, leaves, roots, and seeds as a weapon against soil bacteria and fungi. Therefore we have seen herbal medications and even an excessive intake of tea blocks the benefits of guaifenesin. Plant extracts (botanicals) for topical use must be avoided since the skin rapidly absorbs salicylates. The word "natural" usually refers to some plant additives and although it makes products sound safe and desirable, poison ivy, hemlock and oleander are also natural.

We cannot predict how easily a given person will be blocked since it depends on one's genetic make-up. Assume you are very sensitive and conduct a thorough search of the ingredients in all your current or future replacement products. Manufacturers make sudden changes. Products that list active ingredients should alert one to presumably inactive ones as well. The term beta-hydroxy as used in the cosmetic industry means salicylic acid.

Physicians cannot be expected to know or to recognize all the ingredients in topical preparations. We repeat, you and they will think Guaifenesin has failed if you do not completely purge salicylates. This is your responsibility.

Consult your dictionary and avoid contents you cannot identify. Call manufacturers to ask about both salicylates and plant sources. People with whom you speak will not usually know that plants contain salicylates.

No diet is required for fibromyalgia. The liver detoxifies the tiny amount of salicylates contained in plants and they will not block guaifenesin. The drug mixes with any medication. Ingesting guaifenesin by taking decongestants or cough medicines is potentially dangerous due to various additives, and all of these compounds have side effects. No patent remains on guaifenesin, it is an inexpensive drug made by generic manufacturers, and all are equally effective.

Pain medications such as acetaminophen (Tylenol), Ultram, Darvocet-N, Advil, Aleve or other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs will not block guaifenesin. We abhor the use of narcotics (such as codeine derivatives) including hydrocodone (Vicodin) because of their addicting potential even though they do not block guaifenesin.

Our treatment is not for the weak of courage. Reversal of the disease reproduces most past symptoms and may cause some new or long-forgotten ones to surface. The intensity of this period often causes concern during the initial weeks or reversal. They are not guaifenesin side effects. Most patients realize they are getting inevitably worse, and that medical Band-Aids applied to ease symptoms condemn them to a partial life at best. This gives them the determination to begin treatment and to persevere. "

R. Paul St. Amand, M.D. is the Assistant Clinical Professor in Medicine Endocrinology--Harbor-UCLA and Claudia Craig Marek, B.A. is his Medical Assistant. Both post to the Guai mailing list and are very concerned about FMS sufferers...especially since they both have FMS. They have earned my respect and admiration.

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